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Rise of Saturn Pre-production Recording Photo

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Ascending to Avalon Back in the Studio Recording Debut EP

Palm Harbor, FL-based post-grunge rock band, Ascending to Avalon, is heading back into the studio to keep working on ther debut EP. Produced by Ivan Pena and engineered by Wes Price at Polysound Studios, the EP will feature 7 tracks,

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Recording New Music and an Overview of the Recording Process

Once your band gets some songs written and well-rehearsed, it is recommended that you focus on creating a demo. A demo serves as both your product and your business card, so having a the highest quality demo possible makes sense. Fans form their opinions quickly after they hear the first note of your first song, so why not make it bad ass?

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The Value of Pre-Production before Recording

To keep recording costs down, it is recommended that bands “pre-produce” their songs before entering a recording studio.

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Soulfound in the Studio, New Videos!

Soulfound is in the studio finishing up their second full length album. Their last full length was “Tomorrow Can Wait” in 2003. They released 4 EPs and in between: “The Lives We Lived So Far” (2004), “For the Sake of

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