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“Postjobcore” by Redlight Stare Released!

Redlight Stare

Enjoy the 7-song debut from Redlight Stare.

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Rise of Saturn’s Last Show of 2011 – Pegasus Lounge on December 16

Rise of Saturn Live at Pegasus Lounge, Tampa
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How to Take Music Reviews (Advice for Bands)

One of the ways people find out about new music is by listening to what their favorite trusted music critics have to say. Whether it’s a local newspaper or Rolling Stone magazine, getting reviewed is very important to bands, especially

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How to Make a Flyer

In this post I will impart the 6 things to keep in mind when making a flyer for a show or event. It may seem simple and trivial, but a good flyer/poster will give people all the information they need

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What’s Your Music Personality?

According to a new music personality test from Signal Patterns, they can codify your taste in music, give you music options to listen to and even connect you to people with similar music tastes by taking a five-dynamic music taste

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Why I Love Music.

Music is the most beautiful form of aural expression a human can create. Beautifully harmonic. Jaw-droppingly elegant. Schizophrenic and analytical. A technology whose goal is to transfer emotional agreement to express situational similarities and therefore confirm our logical authenticity and

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Posted in Miscellaneous The Future of Music Sales?

I came across an ad in Rolling Stone about, a new music “format” that is being hyped by major labels as “a versatile new physical music format for the 21st Century”. In short, the new slotMusic format is a

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