All Night Rager! Have a Ball at Gasoline Alley Feb 15!

Have a Ball - Me First and the Gimme Gimmes Tribute Band

Have a Ball – Possibly the Best Me First & The Gimme Gimmes Tribute Band Ever – is raging on at Gasoline Alley on February 15.

Here’s a bit of a Q&A with the band:

Wait, aren’t The Gimmes a cover band?
Yes, they are. Possibly the best ever. So, it is out of complete love for what they do that we decided to put this band together.

Who is in the band?
Have a Ball is made up of 4 crazy ass punk rock lovers: Dizzle (on guitar), Derek (on drums), Chris (on bass) and Ivan (me, on vocals). Dizzle and Ivan are in a couple of other bands in town. Derek is re-introducing himself into the scene after a long absence. Chris is a noob, but is making fantastic progress.

What songs do you play?
As of now, our set list includes almost 50 of Me First’s finest renditions of some of the best songs of all time. You can expect all of “Have a Ball” to be played. Also, most of “Blow in the Wind” and “Take a Break”, plus selections from most of their other albums.

Are you any good?
Fuck yeah we are. But don’t take our word for it. Come see us play on February 15!

I want to book you at my club/house/event?
Shoot us a message on Fb and we’ll talk. We are reasonable. But we will NOT play “for exposure”. We need cash to feed ourselves, our families and our dogs.

What should I do about this rash on my butt?
Stop scratching it and go see your doctor.

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