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30 Memories… #17 – Next Time, I’ll Wait in the Pickup

This was the day I almost lost my head. I don’t think my family know this one. Fall of 1996. It was the height of swim season. I usually got up and headed to the pool at 5:30am, hitching a

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30 Memories… #16 – Naked Strangers Don’t Always Act Like This

In February of ‘86, my parents and I took a trip to Florida. I was the only one old enough to come on the trip, which included stops in Ocala and Orlando. We rented a Cadillac and drove up from

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30 Memories… #15 – Damn the Skinheads

1995. I have never been one to “look good.” Fashion has never, ever been something I have done well. The first day of 10th grade I wore my trusty tie dye shirt, but this time with black karate pants and

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30 Memories… #14 – Fear and Respect the Ocean

I have a love/hate relationship with the ocean. Being from an island nation, you are expected to love and respect the ocean, which I do. I also have an equal degree of fear for it. My personal philosophy is “stay

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30 Memories… #13 – Stupid Bus, I Should’ve Conquered

Every summer during High School, I would spend 3 months in DR. Most of that time was spent at my Dad’s hotel in Montecristi, a sleepy fishing town in the northwestern-most point of the country. Aside from my Dad’s place,

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30 Memories… #12 – First Day of High School and Chasing the American Dream

Growing up, I idolized shows like “Saved by the Bell,” “Kids Incorporated” and “California Dreams”. To me, that was America. Gorgeous cheerleaders, beefy jocks and the occasional oddball. Where everyone was musically inclined or worshipped those who were. Bouncy, friendly

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